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    Check out all the new information with guides in Spanish on this Pokemon Go website.

    The Municipal Police of Madrid has fined a 77-year-old man for skipping the state of alarm confinement. He was on the streets playing Pokémon Go.

    These are difficult days for everyone. The quarantine due to the state of alarm in Spain forces us to be responsible and stay in our homes and, certainly, Pokemon Go is not the most suitable game for that. Niantic’s title should be played mainly by going out in the street and that is why the Municipal Police of Madrid has recently been forced to fine a 77-year-old man who was on the public road “hunting Pokemon”.

    Fined for skipping the confinement

    The facts happened yesterday, March 22, 2020 in the community of Madrid. According to the data offered from the Twitter account PokeXperto, in which they have shared an image of the fine imposed by the municipal police, the individual was sanctioned: “For disobedience to the authority based on Royal Decree 463/2020 for state of alarm by COVID-19. He is on a public road and states that he is hunting Pokémon”.

    Obviously, going out on the street to play Pokemon Go is not a must during these days. We remind you that in the state of alarm to combat the spread of the coronavirus and not to saturate the hospitals, it is only allowed to go outside with justification for basic needs such as going shopping, to the pharmacy or to work.

    Apparently, the 77-year-old man fined, was seen by the agents walking through a garden area in Aluche, in the district of La Latina, in Madrid. The act is considered as disobedience or resistance to authority and therefore the police have the right to sanction this kind of situations with fines ranging from 601 € to 30,000 € depending on the offense.

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